Pretty in Pink Furniture Makeovers

May 15, 2017

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Opinions 100% ours.

Our favorite room in our past home was little Ms. Avery’s bedroom


We loved it, but as we ADD decorators do, we wanted a little change in her new room.


We saw these fun striped curtains  and brought them home to see if that’s the direction we want to go.

The verdict is still out but we had a little fun trying out a few freshly painted pieces from our “stash” to see what look she liked.



Go with the traditional nightstand,




The tall dresser drawers to help hide all the “stuff”.

These both came from the local thrift store.

(excuse the grainy before pics)

margs rustoleum 3

70’s wood veneer, but I liked the open shelf.

margs rustoleum 4

The globe came home as well because, well every globe does…… and I had an extra oil rubbed bronze pull that I knew could update the existing hardware.


We used Rust-Oleum chalked paint in Blush Pink found HERE because chalk paint equals zero prep work which equals happy us!


We sprayed the hardware using Rust-Oleum “Bright Metallic Gold” found HERE  and lined the drawer with a fun polka dot print.

The globe was painted white and gold as well to blend with the color scheme.

margs rustoleum 2

This guy was pretty simple and basic but I liked the narrow shape and the multiple drawers.


Again we used the “Blush Pink” and painted the existing hardware using the Rust-Oleum “Bright Metallic Gold” which also found it’s way onto the stool.  Pink and gold together is always a good choice!




This abstract art was a fun little project that allows your kids to do their own abstract art.

We had some old canvases from a past art project.

Turn em lose with their favorite spray paint colors in all it’s un-orderly randomness and the masterpiece is on it’s way!


High end looking “abstract” art.

We used all Rust-Oleum products which can be found Here

or at your local Home Depot.

This is a sponsored post using Rust-Oleum products that we know you will love as much as we do!

Happy decorating!

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