Laundry Room Makeover

May 30, 2019

It started like this…..

Stick with me here.

And went to this…..



Lighter, brighter and an excuse for a  brick wall!

Totally faux.  Totally love!

 Wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals

Peel and stick wallpaper for the win!


Peel and stick flooring found HERE


Faking aged copper….. kit found HERE


And affordable laundry sinks just waiting to be painted found HERE

We used Rustoleum Chalked in “serenity blue” to adda fun pop of color.

Chalked paint found HERE


Shelves were pine boards stained and $2 brackets spray painted black.





 Laundry sign from HERE

Favorite gold spray paint found HERE

Yes, we sprayed the faucet light and that adorable soap scoop!

To see the start to finish process on this laundry room follow us on Instagram and see our Laundry room highlights button!

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Navy Blue Accent Wall

April 18, 2019

Looking to freshen up a space with some bold color, but feeling a bit nervous about going bold?

Exhibit A:

End of the hallway, ho hum wall.

Exhibit B:

End of the hallway, Stunning wall!

Power of paint!

 Need I say more?


Introducing, just grab and go pre-mixed wall paint!

This “Smoked Navy” is a perfect saturated Navy.

Heck you don’t even have to go to the store!

 Find it HERE

The exhausting work of finding just the right color  is done, pre-mixed and waiting for you.  I’m liking this!

We are loving the new look so much we played around with different artwork.  Thrift store art sketches for the win right here.

Small accent walls are the perfect spot to get brave with color.  Thirty minutes of painting and a totally new look!

We added a plug in sconce because every wall is made cuter with a gold sconce!

See the full line of Rust-Oleum’s pre-mixed paint


Along with painting inside, we’ve been painting all the things in the shop, aka garage as well!

We’re in countdown mode for our annual spring sale.

 Save the date and come see all the painted and collected treasures we’ve been working on as well.




Now be bold and go paint something BOLD!


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Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

April 3, 2019

Let me explain….

It was all quite dramatic.  The basement flooded (this was years ago).  The restoration people showed up to remedy the situation.  He informed me he was on the way to the paint store to pick up paint.  I had about two minutes to make a decision.  It was my daughters room (she was 8 at the time) and so I put it onto her. She happily took that paint deck and  chose the purple with a minute left over. 😉

Definitely would not have been my first choice but definitely got me some “cool mom” points.

It was welllll past time for a change.

Here enters a much more “mom friendly” color.

Dove Gray by  Simply Home.


Mama’s happy and daughter is happy.

This is a really soft gray with just a touch of a purple/blue undertone.  It’s neutral enough to read as a soft gray but pretty enough to make a young girl happy.


This is a pre-mixed paint.  Which means your in and out of the paint store stat!  No mixing required. Grab and go straight from the shelf.   No overwhelming paint decks to fumble through.

Coverage was great and it went on smooth as butta.

And just for good measure, let’s see that one more time…

ah, much better.

Bothered by that outdated color in your home? Get yourself a gallon of paint and two hours to make big changes!

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