Spring in the Living Room

March 20, 2018

I do very little holiday decorating in my home.

 Seasonal decorating seems to fit my pace better.

 Spring is by far my favorite season and with the first day of spring here, we’ve added a few hints of the season to the the living room.

A few new hits of green, some eggs on the coffee table and done!

The eggs are appropriate for Easter and can carry thru for spring.


Still loving the texture that was added to the bookcase using peel and stick  Plankwise 


And Bear the dog is not allowed on the couch but thinks he can get away with it if he tilts his head oh so cute.

The tree bark pedestal was a lucky Goodwill find just a few days ago.

And this topiary is the first “real” plant to take it’s chances in this house for a long time!  One month in and going strong!


For good measure let’s remember the state of this room just several months ago.

ya, I’d rather not talk about it. ;/

Walls are BM Edgecomb gray

And for those curious….. I’m loving BOTH my white couches and six kids!  It is possible to do both!

 With a big fat disclaimer of ….Don’t even think about it with toddlers!  Mine are 8 and up.  We had our first spaghetti disaster this weekend and with clorox and crossed fingers.  All’s well that ended well.

Happy Spring!

Couches: IKEA

rug: Rugs USA

Pillows: IKEA

curtains: Hobby Lobby




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$20 Hutch Makeover

March 16, 2018

Wanna know what gets me giddy inside?….

A $20 price tag on a solid piece of furniture at my local thrift store!

See the Sales Person on the tag… Shane?

Shane and I have a beautiful relationship.

We have our little ritual when I show up.

It goes a little something like this…

Shane whips out his pen and SOLD tickets pad and follows me around the store 🙂

It’s beautiful isnt it?

He was confused with our relationship for a while before he figured out I had a twin sister who also likes to shop this same thrift store 🙂

Don’t worry, I set him all straight and he knows now to keep the best goods for me 🙂

For now the hutch has a new home until she makes it to our Barn Sale.

I think Shane would be proud!

We’re sharing all the how to’s and some of our latest blue paint obsessions over

@ All Things Thrifty today

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Room Makeover Reveal

February 15, 2018

And all I had to do was cry!…..

We re-did our living room and I’m loving how light and bright it is!

It FINALLY feels like me and I’m having so much fun working on all the projects to make it “me”.

And the reason for the crying?….

Come see at All Things Thrifty today.  We’ve got some great before and after pics and perhaps the trick that will cause your husband to let you have your way with the house! 😉


Wall planks from Plankwise

sliding barn doors from Sawyer Design



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