How to Make Your Own Oversized Clock!

February 2, 2015
I have a thing for BIG clocks.
In fact if you’ve ever been to my house,
Sad to say, but there are multiple clocks that gave up the ghost long ago
that still adorn my walls.
Simply for the decor aspect they bring to a room.
So, before I mislead you,
this clock is purely for decor purposes and does not function.
You’ll soon see why 🙂
You may recognize this clock from past pictures from our previous Barn Sales
or here as part of Christmas at the farmhouse.
We wanted to show you how we made it.
We started with this orange heavily worn coffee table.
Our initial intent was  to simply refinish the table by giving it a  a fresh coat of paint.
Half way through the process,
 I decided on a childs play table instead.

The shape and size of the table would make a perfect little girls “tea table”.
The perfect height for a childs rocker to scoot up to and make room for little feet.
I removed the bottom half of the table by simply removing 3 brackets.
Which allowed it to become this cute table 
for a girls room.
 (Or when one needs a party in the pasture out back) 🙂

We had this bottom piece left we had removed.
I hated to see it go to waste,
When it hit me! 
I could get a two for one out of this piece!
And my love for clocks kicked in and I knew exactly how to use this piece.
The indentations that were left that wrapped around the legs, we’re simply filled in with wood filler.
It then received a fresh coat of white paint.
To transfer on our numbers, I printed off some numbers in a font we liked the look of.
Flip your paper over and with the edge of your pencil, rub over your entire number on the back side.
Flip the paper back to the right side, position your number where you want it to transfer and 
heavily retrace over the outside of your numbers.
This transfers your lettering/numbering so you have an outline.
We then just simply filled in the numbers with paint,

painted on our “faux” clock hands and distressed and glazed it.

                                I’ll add it to my wall with the other clocks that don’t tell time. 🙂

Our idea of using a piece to its fullest potential!

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  1. Tuesday, March 17th, 2015
    The clock is genius and the table is an absolute charmer.