Glam Dresser Makeover

February 16, 2017

Thrifting can be so fun, but also a curse.

For example:

Exhibit A:


One very ratty tatty dresser that was showing a lot of “tough love.”

But… it was built solid and the drawers worked well, so home it HAD to come.

Exhibit B:

One plastic faux wood mirror.

But…the shape is perfect, so home it HAD to come.


Exhibit C:

One cheap lightweight plastic stool.

But…you always need an extra surface, so, yep, home it came.

It’s hard to picture what they COULD be and walk away,

so…..we don’t!  We hoard!


But check it out!

It’s glam and bold and anything but ratty tatty!


And because were indecisive hoarders, she migrated from room to room to see if we wanted the crispness of a white background,


Or the moodiness of a blue background.

The weather is warming up just enough that we can do our favorite method of painting.

Spray paint!

 In one afternoon we were able to transform all these pieces for the cost of a few cans of paint.


Want to know our hands down FAVORITE brand and the colors we used?  We’d love for you to check out all the projects from a group of bloggers and VOTE on who used the color best!


Come on!  This voting is waaaay funner than that last voting episode! 😉

A group of bloggers was sent a “mystery box” of identical items to be used as we like in a Bloggers Challenge.  Come see how we all did!   We’d be forever grateful if you’d take a minute to create a quick account to see the remaining “mystery projects” and VOTE!

Make Furniture Great Again!

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