The “first” Fancy Farmgirl Makeover

December 13, 2017

Once upon a time, Liz sold a bookcase on Craigslist.

 She had multiple calls within minutes,

(sure sign she under priced it);)

and happily pocketed her 40 bucks and called to tell me the beauty of Craigslist.

 Again, this was yearrrrs ago.

Well, not to be outdone, I went and listed my cute little bookcase on Craigslist.

Ring , ring and sold!

And so it began…… Fancy Farmgirls was born.

This dingy little guy was my first official “Fancy Farmgirl” piece.  I bought it off Craigslist for $50 and planned to refurbish it and re sale it on Craigslist for a profit. The “before” was some old stained wood.  And the “after”….well this is the after!  It’s been years and used and abused so it was time for a new “after”.

New and improved!



I went the easy route and used Rust-oleum Chalked paint, meaning zero prep, get right to work.

 Color is “sensible sage”.

I’d say it’s a dark version of a robin’s egg blue.

Hardware was updated and bling-ed up.

They started out like this.

Iv’e had these knobs forever, and tho they’re cute as is, I’m loving pops of gold right now.

I scuffed them up with some sandpaper and gave them the gold spray paint treatment.


Yes, everything needs a little bling.

This is “Bear”.  He’s our souvenir from Alaska, (hence the name) and this is his perch where he guards the pride lands.

 It’s a full time job and he takes it seriously!

These antlers I did several years ago for my daughters room.  It’s just flowers hot glued to the base.  Antlers spray painted white to take the rustic edge off.

Chalk paint needs a protective coat, so I used Varathane poly, which makes for a quick top coat.

Love how these striped walls are subtle while adding a lot of personality.

And once again, paint reinvents the piece and gives it a whole new look.

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