Favorite Light On Sale!

November 2, 2016

Hey Guys!

We’ve been in the new house now just under a month.

We’re still bare and empty but absolutely loving it!

It was such a painful huge undertaking packing up and getting rid of the past 8 years of storage/hoarding,

that I’m going with the “less is more” theme in this house and taking my time and trying to be very thoughtful

on what comes into our home.

Plus, I think the bare bones of this place are so pretty, I think they stand pretty well on their own.

This light being the case!


She’s in our front room which remains empty with an identity crisis while we try to figure out how we want to use it.

Formal living room?, office?, formal dining?

It’s still to be determined. But until then,  this beauty takes center stage.

I love her!

She’s the perfect mix of industrial and farmhouse.


We temporarily left the chain long in case we need to lower it over a dining table.


The scale of this piece is pretty impressive.

Just thought we’d share, If you’re building or looking to upgrade a light fixture,

She’s on sale!


I shopped and shopped and shopped around for my light fixtures,

trying to find something stylish that wouldn’t break the bank.

This one fit the bill!

And now you can save $60 ($59.25 to be exact :)) off this light

by using this discount code HERE

You can find the light and all the dimensions and specs  HERE

If you’re interested in some of the other budget friendly lights we used in our home,



We shared most of our lights back HERE

Hopefully this will help someone out who may be looking for the perfect statement light piece at a good price!

It’s always a little nerve racking ordering something online

but I was super happy and impressed with this piece.

Let me know if you have any questions that aren’t answered in the link.

In the meantime,

we’ll try to get it in gear over here and share some of our sources with our new home in the next couple of weeks.


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