Farmhouse Master Bedroom

October 22, 2014
Our Dad is a farmer.
Farmers are practical and hardworking.
Not into fluff and non-necessities.
He worked late and was back up before dawn ready to go at it again.
He built this farmhouse and designed it for his lifestyle.
So the master bedroom serves it’s purpose well.
Put in the bed and dresser and you’re done.
Aint got no time (or room) for nuttin else!
Remember this home is a rental, so were working with what we’ve got.
Bring in the BIG bed!

This room has just enough space for a bed and two nightstands.
Nothing more
Using small furniture to compensate for small space can visually make your room look even smaller.
A big ornate bed immediately brings personality to the space.
The bed takes up the majority of the room,
 so use your bedding as decor to make your design statement.

This bedding just happens to be 10 yr. old Pottery Barn clearance bedding.
I’m weirdly proud of that vs. ashamed.

A small lift top bench at the end of the bed serves as a “sitting area” and extra storage to boot.

And just to give you a proportional idea of this room, I was buried deep within my clothes
inside my closet to be able to take this pic.;)
No, not a walk-in silly, a bifold two feet deep “practical” closet.

I’ll admit, the green walls are a bit dated.
 A soft blue gray is in their very near future.

We’ve just enough room to get in a dresser.
Adding some personality and jewelry storage on top and this rooms a wrap!
Don’t use small spaces as excuses to limit yourself.
Work with your limits and show em who’s boss!

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  1. Monday, November 3rd, 2014
    Hi from Ontario, Canada. Your room looks great and the bed and bedding are very stylish. Some of my favourite things were bought on clearance or have been around for awhile. I found my way here from The Wicker House and will be following along.