Farmhouse kitchen makeover

May 21, 2015
For those of you who may be new here,  
We rent this home. 
 My childhood farmhouse.
 Story of how we came to live here, 
Hopefully this post can shed a little inspiration on making a big difference with a little bit of money. 
Granted,  my landlord gives me free reign of the place (he’s my dad)
Good thing I’m his favorite daughter πŸ™‚
 But…We do have to factor in keeping any changes low cost,
 based on the fact that they wont be coming with us. 
So this is for you! 
You renters ,
 Homeowners on a budget, 
 or those who just want to freshen up your space.
Paint is your friend!
Hands down, paint will give you the biggest bang for your buck!
 Our home started out with everything original to its 1970’s origins.
Here’s the befores with all it’s knotty pine ceiling and dark trim.

The first couple of years here, 
I painted everything I could get my hands on,
except this brick chimney.  
It’s the one thing my dad wanted kept original
 and I was a little hesitant knowing it was irreversible.  
After several years, dad softened up and I was tired of living with the 
“should I” scenario
Finally EVERYTHING got painted!  
I love how it brightens up the whole space!

Check out that Before and After!

It involved
1. Paint
                                                                           2. switching out the light fixture (which I’ll be                                                                  able to take with me!) and
                                 3.  $300 for a laminate floor

That’s it!


Although it’s not my dream home, the outside needs a WHOLE lotta TLC!,
(If you need more convincing, you can catch  a glimpse of the outside)
 Here πŸ˜‰

This kitchen is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.  
It helps keep me in denial and look away from the leaking roof, peeling and cracked plaster walls and 
unkempt yard. πŸ™‚

So for now, we’ll claim our victory with paint!

 Wall color: SW Silver Mist 7621
                              White: SW Pure White 7005
    Chairs: Ikea
                    light: Ballard Designs

Need more encouragement and convincing to embrace the home you’re in?
Grab “The Nesters Book” for your next summer read.


You can find her
She’ll have you conquering your “dream home” demons in no time!
Her decorating motto…
“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be Beautiful!”  Work with what you have!
 She’s a former repeat renter who quit waiting for her dream home long ago.
 If you haven’t discovered her yet,  GO!….And you’re welcome πŸ˜‰

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  1. Thursday, May 21st, 2015
    Your home is beautiful. So light, airy and inviting - come-over-for-a-cup-of-tea-stay-for-the-weekend type of inviting. :) And what an amazing gift to live in a home that has so much meaning. I am getting ready to paint our hideous 1960's orange hued family room brick around our fireplace as a short term fix until I can redo it the way I'd like. I am thinking of a paint wash, but would like to know did you use straight paint or did you dilute it?
  2. Thursday, May 21st, 2015
    You have done a great job on updating your rental home affordably. I like your attitude :) Our home is not grand but more than enough space for us. We are original owners and the update costs from normal wear and tear after 17 years (new roof etc.) and hubby's recent job loss (replaced by a job that pays less) have been a challenge. I am making my way through our home with fresh paint and just like you said, it is making the biggest change for our money.
  3. Thursday, October 8th, 2015
    It’s really amazing what paint can do to make things look like an overhaul. It can single-handedly correct the whole appearance of a place, while illuminating areas enough to make the layout there stand out. Which is important for kitchen makeovers, as it is crucial to make the sink, the tables, and etc. flow smoothly enough to accommodate the activity there. You have to know this in order to make the proper adjustments. Plus, it is best if the kitchen looks simple and clean, yet not overbearing.

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express
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