Building our Farmhouse

July 18, 2016

We grew up on a dairy farm.

 All nine of us bare footed raggedy kids running wild and free.

It was the best kind of wild.

Dirt clod fights, fort building, racing through cornfields with paper bags on our heads (keeps the leaves from cutting your face)  try it, it’s fun!

 Eating the cow corn in the fields because we were too busy playing to go home for lunch.

Swimming in the drain ditches,

(the same ditch, that at the ripe age of eleven, Liz would have her first kiss!)

Ditch kissing???

 I don’t know, it seemed appropriate at the time.  😉

Being “farm kids” left us all with wonderful memories and a bit of farm blood running through our veins.

 Farm life makes for thick farm blood and it’s hard to get it out of your system.

 So begins the story of this piece of dirt….


This is a bit of how we came to lose a dream,



and dream again.20150906_192200

In 2007, we built what we thought was our forever home,

but as they say,

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan” 😉

See the story of that home HERE


That story led to us moving into our childhood farmhouse.

Which sounds magical and sweet.

 And it has been sweet and a huge blessing for our family.

 My Dad built this home with his own bare hands so there’s a lot of sentimental feelings attached to this home,

but before we get all sentimental and sappy…….


There’s some harsh realities that come with an older home as well.


Meet the side of my house.

Need I say more?  😉

The closer I get to leaving this home behind, the more I realize what a gift it’s been.

And with Dad and Mom being landlords, they’ve been very generous in allowing me to “play house” and add my style to the home.  See Farmhouse tours




But it’s time to move on and so begins a new build on our new piece of dirt.


It started with Pinterest. So many things do!

 With all the thousands upon thousands of house plans to be found, I seem cursed with a picky gene and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted!

  So we went the hard route and designed it ourselves.


He’s a patient man! (Marg speaking here)  A very, very patient man!  😉


Walls going up!20160522_103954

Front porch and door.20160522_103934

And a New generation of wild and free!


Up and up!20160526_202712

Starting to look real!20160531_185203

Little Miss checking out the progress.

Story of #myfriendsarah HERE


Eek!  dormers and chimneys, oh my!20160620_160559

And the chimney?

 It’s fake!  No fireplace happening there.

We have a real chimney on the other side of the home, but this one,  I just REALLY wanted a chimney there!20160627_131559

And if I can’t have a barn,

by golly I’ll make my garage look like one!20160627_131525

And ladies, we’ve got some fun ideas that will hopefully include YOU happening in that garage/barn!


putting in the geothermal heat out back.

(The kids were hoping it would become an olympic sized pool).


And our big ditch/canal out back (where no kissing will be happening!)


View from the hill.


And she’s going white!  Forever white!


20160714_205326 20160714_205623 20160714_210214

view from the future patio

20160717_204531 20160717_205855

The outside is nearing completion and

inside things are looking up.



Follow along on our families fun little farmhouse adventure.


You can find us on instagram HERE

and follow along the farmhouse progress.

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