When you don’t have a Chip Gaines in your life

July 19, 2018


Jo Jo and Chip.

The perfect combo right?!

She has the vision, and he whips on that tool belt and makes it happen!

We’ve got the vision.

 We’ve got the husbands.

 Only thing missing is that tool belt and a husband that whips it on for us!

No more ladies!  Whatever your excuse…It’s all just excuses that keep us from our cute little homes that are living inside our heads.

Don’t take down that load bearing wall just yet!  Start with a small project that will have big impact and give you confidence to keep trying new projects and learning new skills.

This little wall at the end of our hallway is the perfect spot to add some extra charm.

Here’s the before of our hallway situation.  Not bad, but we wanted to bring in a little character.

We chose to accomplish that with color and Shiplap!



We’ve been in our new home just a year and a half now and I’ve had multiple projects swirling around in my head but too scared to try them.

Well… I’m 44 guys and I just bought my first saw!

No more sitting around with excuses for all our unfinished projects.

Project #1:  I headed to Lowe’s and came home with all the supplies to bang out this little project.

 Don’t know what type of tools or supplies you’ll need?

 Neither did I?!  Just ask the helpful  employees at Lowe’s and they’ll guide you to the right tools and supplies.

We also have a few tips to share from ours!  The planking went up without even needing to break out my big girl miter saw.

This is the plywood I purchased.

I just had the Lowe’s worker make all my cuts for me.  All that was left was the quick install with some finishing nails.

And then the debate of what color to go?  Bold,  or stick with classic white?

Bold it is!

 This color is “Blue Note” by Benjamin Moore.

Doing a small accent wall is a great spot to get your DIY skills sharpened up.  For those of you scared of color commitment, it’s also a great place to add a little color without committing to an entire space.

No more  excuses for not having a “Chip” in our lives!

Where’s a sledgehammer! 😉

To see more blue accent walls we’ve recently done


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