Chalkboard Christmas countdown

December 5, 2017

Christmas countdown.

Are you ready?

Us neither :).  We are great at procrastinating!

We’ve got the house all trimmed, (pics from our last farmhouse) but the gift buying….?

Haven’t started!

But ready or not, it’s coming!

We thought we’d avoid what we really should be doing to be ready,  and whip up a countdown to inspire us to get ready.:)

We’d had this dresser mirror hanging around for quite awhile.

It came from a bedroom set that served us well.

We made over some of the pieces and sold them at a past Fancy Farmgirls Sale.

We kept the big dresser as the base for the first ever Fancy Farmgirls “building” project.

We combined the dresser with two matching bookcases and built the top to unite the pieces together.

See that project HERE. 

(back when we were a blogspot) 🙂

But back to that forgotten mirror…

We spray painted the mirror with Rustoleum chalkboard paint and sprayed the frame white with our favorite Rustoleums heirloom white.

Spray painting in December?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  Perhaps we should have photographed that!

Picture spray paint in one hand a blow dryer in the other. 🙂

To “season” the chalkboard, we used the side of the chalk and rubbed it all over to cover the entire surface.

Don’t forget this step or you’ll have a hard time completely erasing what you write.

We lack in the pretty handwriting talent area so here’s how you “fake” it.

Print out your lettering in a font you prefer.  On the BACK side of your paper, rub the side of your chalk to cover all the print.

Then place paper on surface of chalkboard and use a pencil and trace over the letters.  When you remove the paper, the chalk will have rubbed off lightly to give you a traceable impression.

Trace it.

Number it.

Add ornaments each day, or take away an ornament each day to add to the tree.

We love that this piece can be used year round as a chalkboard for kids doodles or pretty sayings.

Enjoy these final countdown days and enjoy the season!

Merry Christmas!

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