$8 Buffet Makeover

March 17, 2016

First things first…..

This is the “before”

(just in case you’re worried)

  Hmm….not sure what look they were going for.

Camo?  Modern?

  I’m going to give them kudos for originality.  😉


But when I spied the $8 dollar price tag on this diamond in the rough, I strapped myself to it till the sold sign was firmly affixed!


For all the times you go home empty handed from a thrift store , finds like this are what keep me going back!

I painted her cream with the determination to make her fit in my living room.

My eight dollar steal needs a $30,000 dollar expansion to squeeze her in.

Drat!  Not happening.

But this is definitely more fitting than the camo/modern version!



See that window in the reflection?

Our childhood bedroom.

Liz’s headboard used to back right up to it and every night I would

get big eyes and point across the room to the window where Liz was sitting in bed and act  real scared and say “don’t turn around!  Someone’s at the window!”

And EVERY night she would fall for it and come flying across the room!

Good times! (for me) 🙂


I like that the doors were missing.  A chance for display.


Still determined to make her fit somewhere….

Thrift on y’all!

  It is our duty to find these “interesting” projects and give them the makeover they deserve!




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