$4 Dresser Makeover!

September 19, 2014

$4 dollar dresser makeover

1 spray can project!

Time and money.
  Something that most everyone may feel they don’t have an overabundance of.
Here’s a quick dresser makeover that took very little of both.
and a little tip:
When you find nice shaped frames,
get them!
They can add so much texture and personality to so many things.
So, first things first, sand the piece.
 No need to go overkill on the sanding.  Just enough to give the paint some grip. 
This is a paint/primer combo which allowed us to skip the drying in between coats step. 
This color is “secluded garden”.
You don’t have to worry about getting overspray on the top since you’ll be sanding that down.
This took just one can of paint, hence the $4 dollar project.

We’re all for keeping it simple when it comes to tools. 
We do a lot of pieces with trusty ol’ sand paper.
However, when you are needing to stain wood, you’ll need to strip it down to bare wood.
You’re going to want to pull out the electric sander.
Once we had it sanded down, we stained it with “Dark Walnut” stain. 
We also distressed it on the drawer fronts by sanding off paint.
Once that had dried, we used a couple of coats of polyurethane as a protective coating.
  Easy application, easy clean up.
And done!
We love how this piece turned out. 
Quick and inexpensive.
A good combination.
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