Pretty in Pink Furniture Makeovers

May 15, 2017

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Opinions 100% ours.

Our favorite room in our past home was little Ms. Avery’s bedroom


We loved it, but as we ADD decorators do, we wanted a little change in her new room.


We saw these fun striped curtains  and brought them home to see if that’s the direction we want to go.

The verdict is still out but we had a little fun trying out a few freshly painted pieces from our “stash” to see what look she liked.



Go with the traditional nightstand,




The tall dresser drawers to help hide all the “stuff”.

These both came from the local thrift store.

(excuse the grainy before pics)

margs rustoleum 3

70’s wood veneer, but I liked the open shelf.

margs rustoleum 4

The globe came home as well because, well every globe does…… and I had an extra oil rubbed bronze pull that I knew could update the existing hardware.


We used Rust-Oleum chalked paint in Blush Pink found HERE because chalk paint equals zero prep work which equals happy us!


We sprayed the hardware using Rust-Oleum “Bright Metallic Gold” found HERE  and lined the drawer with a fun polka dot print.

The globe was painted white and gold as well to blend with the color scheme.

margs rustoleum 2

This guy was pretty simple and basic but I liked the narrow shape and the multiple drawers.


Again we used the “Blush Pink” and painted the existing hardware using the Rust-Oleum “Bright Metallic Gold” which also found it’s way onto the stool.  Pink and gold together is always a good choice!




This abstract art was a fun little project that allows your kids to do their own abstract art.

We had some old canvases from a past art project.

Turn em lose with their favorite spray paint colors in all it’s un-orderly randomness and the masterpiece is on it’s way!


High end looking “abstract” art.

We used all Rust-Oleum products which can be found Here

or at your local Home Depot.

This is a sponsored post using Rust-Oleum products that we know you will love as much as we do!

Happy decorating!

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One Hour Furniture Makeover

May 11, 2017

It’s begun!

 Yard sale season!

Woot! Woot!

Junk, bargains, one of a kind treasures.

It’s a perfect mix.


We scored this cute little desk set for $15 bucks just this past weekend.

Two cans of spray paint and an hour later and the transformation is complete!


Bronze dipped legs and all!

Come see the colors and products we used and the complete transformation at

All Things Thrifty

Order peel and stick wall dots HERE

Spring Porch

May 2, 2017

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This home has two front porches.



Our main porch has room for the rocking chairs and is where we meet our guests.

This little side porch leads straight to the mudroom and was designed with the hope that the kids would tear in and out of the house through this way vs. the front door.  We’re just getting into our first spring and summer here so we’ll see if my hopeful plan works.

I stay on the safe traditional side of having a classic black front door (much to my sister’s chagrin), but this little porch was a fun spot to add a hint of color.


The door was painted in a pretty shade of  “Woodlawn Blue”.

And the brick chimney is “faux” as in, there is no fireplace inside that actually is attached to this chimney.

I just really wanted the look of a chimney here! 😉

Yes, my builder was a bit confused and may have even rolled his eyes at me.  (at least when I wasn’t looking, I’m sure).

I’ve had a little fun decorating the big front porch, but so far this little guy has stood neglected.

Well the rain finally stopped and the sun is starting to stick around, so we took a little time to add some spring flair to this forgotten little nook.

It all started with Dad’s old milk can.


Every farmhouse porch needs a milk can!


We grew up on a dairy farm,

See story of our childhood home HERE and some more fun Before and Afters HERE

So this rusty old milk can actually has a lot of sentimental meaning attached to it.


And though we love some good tarnish and rust, this one was a bit TOO tarnished for our liking.

We used our favorite paint, in our favorite method,

(spray paint forever!)

and quickly transformed this rusty guy into a sleeker version of his youthful self.


Rust-Oleum Stops Rust in “Matte Hammered Brown”. Here

And this paint is made to actually STOP rust (as the name states)  so Grandpa’s can will be around long enough to become Great, Great, Great Grandpa’s milk can.


And Grandma’s colander got a fun shot of this fun “light turquoise” Here

Ok, not really Grandmas, it was a $2 dollar thrift find we painted. 😉

With just a few quick transformations and of course some flowers and plants, this porch is suddenly a cheerful little resting spot to take a seat and watch my yard of dandelions blossom and grow!


and with our newly painted pieces they can withstand all the elements and whatever mother nature wants to throw their way, Rust Free!



The mailbox was originally white and got a quick coat of “Rust-Oleum Black” to help it pop against the white house.  Neighbors are advised and welcome to leave treats within.


See more fun spring color paint choices in our wall of chairs



And find Rust-Oleum Stops Rust spray paint brand HERE

as well as at your local Home Depot.

This post contains sponsored material from Rust-Oleum.

We always have been and always will be users of Rust-Oleum.

 Paint is our love language.  😉

And spray paint…..even better!

If you’ve got your own rusty treasures lying around needing an update, use Stops Rust and share your project on Instagram or Twitter, with the hashtag #stopsrust and #inwiththeold.  You could win new colors and finishes for your next project plus a $100 gift card to your favorite Rust-Oleum retailer.  Be sure to follow @RustOleum on Twitter or @rustoleumusa on Instagram.

See official contest rules an other information at

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