DI Dare Challenge

August 17, 2020

What’s a girl to do when your sent board games and you happen to despise board games?

Get creative and up cycle them into something cute for the home!

These are both classic games and most likely to be found on the shelves of your local Deseret Industries.

First up… Scrabble

A little hot glue and an old board and…

Ta Da!  Suddenly I love Scrabble!

These little ledges could be added to frames, chalkboards, walls etc.  Change out the sayings as you wish.

Next up….little vintage frames.


We love to snag up ornate vintage frames!  We loved that these were a matching set and liked the small scale.  Perfect for gallery walls or adding to small areas that need a little something.

Also perfect for a lost and found sock station for the laundry room!

We simply spray painted the frames black, added scrap book paper over the existing art and hot glued little clips to change out those ever elusive lone socks.  The scrabble tiles came in handy again in a frame that we painted, added scrapbook paper to and glued clips for changing out lost socks.

Next up was Backgammon…

The checkers got a little spray paint and some craft paper and became magnets!  The hot glue gun got put to use again and we just  hot glued the magnet to the back.

A perfect spot to add those little reminder notes about what needs line dried.

Thinking outside the box, creativity, a little paint and most assuredly the hot glue gun, can take your thrift store finds from the everyday to something unique and used in a completely new way.

 Thrift on!


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Favorite Things 2019

November 12, 2019

Melissa was one of THE first blogs Liz and I discovered when we discovered blog land back in the day!  And we’ve found many new items to try out thanks to this series.  Ours are simple and nothing you probably haven’t heard of but our favorites none the less.

We do a lot of painting around here.

The simple paintbrush.  But with a short handle.  And only $5 bucks! Our favorite brush. Try it once and you’ll be sold!

Find it HERE

Peel and Stick Floor Tiles for the win!

 I recently refreshed

my laundry room using peel and stick flooring and peel and stick wallpaper.  I’m all about the ease of peel and stick.

These tiles are $1 each and I literally just stuck them over the top of my existing linoleum.  A quick, easy, inexpensive way to update DIY style.

find them HERE

Woven Nook Pillows

These are great mix and match sets that go with so many different styles.  They are pillow covers which means you can clean them and such impressive quality.  And at under $10 each you can change them out for the holidays guilt free.


Mix and match set HERE

Holiday covers HERE

Hint: Buy 20″ inserts for a nice full look.  I used THESE

Now for face decor!

Our forties are blessing us with some new skin issues and “sun spots” were blessing our faces in abundance!  I tried lots of different makeup that didn’t do the trick until my daughter introduced me to this:

Sooo good!  And if your like me, and buy your makeup the same place you buy your groceries, this is gonna be a splurge, but take it from a very frugal gal, TOTALLY worth it!  It covers ALL

the things.

Get it HERE

Now if your going to be splurging On good concealer, you want it to stay.

Introducing hairspray for the face. 😉


This keeps the fresh makeup look all day long.  Again, a splurge in my book but one that lasts a good six months.  One that once you try, you’ll be hooked.  Amazing reviews as well.

Get it HERE


We love the look of a sconce and have added them in multiple spots.  With these plug in ones you avoid the need for an electrician.

We like THESE for the best price and we’re pretty sure you’ll find multiple spots for them.

Want a different color?  Spray paint will do the trick!  THIS is our favorite gold spray paint

Twinkle Lights:  Everything’s better with twinkle lights.

We like THIS nice long strand that plugs in.

This Christmas garland is SO life like.  Liz, just got it, and it took some convincing that it wasn’t the real deal.  It’s impressive, and it’s not going to dry out on you!

Get it HERE

And last, but surely not least…..The reason Marg no longer owns an iron (Liz says I shouldn’t admit that)…..


The epitome of working smarter, not harder!  Just spray it on, smooth it out and your good to go!  #saynotoironing

Now head on over to Stefanie’s at Brooklyn Limestone and see what she’s loving this year!

See all the participants Favorites HERE


And for a quick re-cap and all Amazon easy:

World’s best little paint brush HERE

Peel and Stick floor tiles HERE

Mix and Match Pillow covers HERE

Christmas Pillow Covers HERE

Life changing concealer HERE

Makeup Setting spray HERE

Plug In Sconce set HERE

Twinkle Lights HERE

Life like Christmas garland HERE

Never iron again spray HERE






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Fall Printables

September 25, 2019

It’s printer decorating!

 Just click, print, hang and your Fall decorating is done!

Multiple prints…

Want your own printables?  Use code: FANCYFARM to get a bundle of goodies to help scatter Fall thru-out your home.  Just $9.99 for multiple prints (regularly $29.99)



Or get a BIG jump start on your holidays and get the SUPER bundle of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines and Easter for just $29 (that’s $91 off the regular price!)

Use code:  FANCYFARMBUNDLE for that huge savings and see ALL the prints HERE

These printables really are such a quick inexpensive way to get a lot of bang for your buck.  And the best part?  No bins of decor to store away and sort thru! It’s all just waiting for you to print!

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